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by Technivorm

Thermal Coffeemaker
$319 - $379

Hand-made and individually tested in the Netherlands, the Moccamaster coffeemaker brews a perfect cup of coffee in only six minutes. A copper heating element ensures water stays at the perfect temperature from the brew cycle’s beginning to its end.

  • Perfectly synchronizing brew time, grind and temperature, this fast, consistent machine quietly produces one of the best cups of coffee in just 5 to 6 minutes.

  • Special copper heating element keeps water temperature at 195°–205°F throughout brewing for optimum flavor and less bitterness.

  • An innovative 9-hole spray arm disperses the water over the entire grind for a remarkably even soak prior to extraction.

  • Copper lining along the spray arm keeps the water temperature consistent throughout the wetting stage.

  • To ensure a precise coffee/water contact time, a cone-shaped brew basket funnels the grind to the perfect bed depth.

  • Operation is simple – just fill the brew basket, add water and press the power switch.

  • An insulated steel carafe keeps coffee hot.

  • Adjustable brew basket features a manual drip-stop to brew a half pot, a full pot, or a full drip-stop for a quick cup before the brew cycle completes.


Prices vary from $319.00-$379.00 depending on model. Please email us for more information, and to order, as our stock is constantly changing.

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