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Yemen Mocca Haimi

Yemen holds a fascinating place in coffee’s age-old history. Its abundance of modern struggles, such as civil war and disease has made it one of the hardest hit coffee nations in the world.


The coffee we are offering is sourced from family-owned plots located in Al-Haimah districts in the Sana’a governorate within the western highlands of Yemen, parallel to the Red Sea. Yemen is the the 2nd most historic coffee growing regions in the world, next to Ethiopia. Some of their production traditions date back to the 15th century, like drying coffee naturally in the cherry on the rooftops of houses perched on the edges of steep mountain ridges. Mocca Haimi is the product of 23 producers who work closely with an export company called Pearl Of Tehama. Pearl of Tehama is currently helping producers organize formally because recognized producer associations can solicit international assistance for need infrastructure improvements like roads, schools, and water systems.

Notes of strawberry, red wine and vanilla are present in these beans and they are great for all brew methods. We especially like them in espresso and aeropress.


Yemen - Wholesale