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A Reintroduction

Hi, everyone! It's been a bit since we've done one of these. In that time, a lot of you are new to us! I thought this would be a great time to do some introductions, in case you have not had the time to peruse through each page of our website.

Robin Pollard is the owner and founder of Pollard Per Se, which includes Pollard Coffee, Pollard Vineyard/Winery (, Pollard Farm, and Pollard Orchard. Daniel is Robin's son, and the primary roaster here at Pollard Coffee. His wife is Shaylea, who takes care of most other tasks around here. Sales, packaging, website and social media presence, etc, which are shared tasks of Robin and Daniel as well. Shaylea and Daniel have a 5 year old daughter Isla (who basically runs the roastery, lets be real), and are expecting a new baby boy in February.

Since there is only 3 of us, we know each and every one of you fairly well! We all see each order that comes in, and all help make decisions on your requested custom blends, our rotating single origins and new Pollard Coffee blends. We are very proud of being a family owned and operated business, and we hope that comes through in everything we do.

More details of our story can be read here

Now that it is Autumn, I hope you have all had a chance to notice our Harvest Blend. We are really proud of each of our limited offerings that come out at the end of each year, and this is no different. Each one has a personal touch to it both in the roast itself, and the label we create. Our Harvest Blend will be available until November 30th.

Our next limited blend will be our beloved Holiday Blend! We will be launching this on November 24th as a Black Friday pre-order special and this deal will continue through cyber Monday (Nov 28th), you will be able to order this at 20% off, both in full size bags, and our very popular 4 oz stocking stuffer bags. All orders placed during this time will be held until the first week of December, unless specified as a gift, we will ship these to your recipients closer to the Holidays with a card of your choice of words added. Our Holiday Blend will be available at our normal price from November 29th-December 31st.

The last thing we would like to remind you of is custom blends! Did you know that our specialty has always been creating custom blends? Robin has a gift for hearing your preferred tasting notes, and creating wonderful blends that touch on each of them. You can tell us tasting notes you want, OR tell us the single origins you'd like to include. You can even name your blend, and send us a picture to personalize your label. We also always keep record of your custom blend, that way the next time you order, you can just say you'd like your custom blend, and we can make it the same (or tweak it if it wasn't spot on). We have even had a few families send out their family photos on custom blends as their Holiday Card! Let us know if this is something you would like to do, and we can talk one on one (

Thank you all for being such wonderful customers. It's so fun getting to know all of you. We are here any time you need us. Feel free to reach out via email, we respond to everyone quickly!

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