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Pollard Vineyard

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

I wanted to take the time today to showcase our other product. Wine! In addition to the Coffee Roastery, we own a 10 acre Vineyard in the Upper Yakima Valley.

With a southwest facing slope the vineyard sits at 1150 feet.  The soil is silt-loam and the annual precipitation is 8 inches.  The growing season is approximately 190 days.

The vineyard was planted in 2014 under the management of Patrick Rawn of Two Mountain Winery.  James A. Stamp, Ph.D. of Sebastopol, California served as a consultant on the project and personally inspected all rootstock before it was shipped to the vineyard.  The combination of this expertise along with the skills of the field crew ensured a high degree of plant health from the onset.

Distinguishing features of the vineyard also include a focus on clonal selection and a denser than average planting.  Pollard vineyard has 2400 plants per acre in contrast to the typical vineyard of 1700 plants.  This experimental planting approach follows the path of the leading fruit orchards in the region that have demonstrated that with cutting edge techniques one can maximize production on less acreage while maintaining superior fruit quality.