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Papua New Guinea- Nebilyer Valley

These beans originate from Papua New Guinea’s Nebilyer Valley. Sourced from an array of family owned farms in the region and cultivated on 1 to 2 hectares of land, these beans are all processed at the Kuta mill—fully washed and sun dried to achieve clear and vibrant flavors. The mill, owned by Brian Leahy, is common ground between the often-conflicting Ulga and Kolga tribes it has operated between for over 40 years.


These beans are rich, wintry with herbal notes and tastes hinting at apple cider and dark chocolate.


Grower: Producers organized around the Kuta Mill

Variety: Bourbon, Typica

Region: the Nebilyer Valley within Tambul-Nebilyer District, Papua New Guinea

Altitude: 1350 masl

Soil: Volcanic loam

Process: Fully washed, dried in the sun

Tasting notes: Apple cider, herbal, dark chocolate

Papua New Guinea- Nebilyer Valley

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