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Harvest Blend

There’s a walk you take in latter half of autumn. The path unwinds beneath the blue hour light—the blue hours that now reach around every firm point of evening. Every solid thing is now black silhouette. Your feet disappear into the wet sea of leaves. There’s frost in the grass, and your visible breath lifts like the low clouds swirling around the half-moon. The walk is not one of introspection. The chill is too concentrated in your bones to flitter from the sensory: numb red fingers in pockets, stiff joints under freezing denim, a cold hunger in your belly. At the end of the walk there is a house with foggy windows, a crooked chimney spewing plumes of smoke, a light hovering over the porch steps. Eventually you’ll reach it, drop your coat on the floor, find a seat by the stove and warm your hands around a ceramic cup. There’s food to be eaten, and voices in the hall. In a minute you’ll join them. Just one minute.


This years Harvest Blend is a blend of Uganda, Nicaragua and Peru, sure to warm you up this season has tasting notes of maple syrup, cocoa nib, nougat and citrus perfect to sip on in the early morning as you are planning your Holiday dinner and dessert, or wonderful to be holding next to the fire as you flip to the next chapter of your choice book.


Enjoy this now, as it will be gone by December 1st and will be replaced by our Holiday Blend

Harvest Blend