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Mexico La Yerba

This selection offers a taste of the small community of La Yerba in Nayarit, Mexico. Dependent on the harvests of coffee and avocados, it’s nestled in the fog-filled h

ills on the northern side of the San Juan Volcano, its volcanic soil and altitude contributing to the beans’ vibrant profile. The blend of caturra, bourbon, and mondo novo varieties create an intoxicating combination of peach, crème brûlée, and rich chocolate notes.


The beans are a product of the ASTAL society, which is run by women coffee growers, and a

member of the Grupo Terruño Nayarita (GTNAY). GTNAY is an organization in the state of

Nayarit and made up of many non-competing “independent democratic coffee producing

societies” committed to sustainable production practices.


With ASTAL still in its early days, it hasn’t yet built a wet mill, and instead processes its beans through the dry natural method where the product is simply rinsed and left out to dry in cherry form. This process results in full-bodied beans with less acidic flavors and a heavier mouth-feel, like summer in a cup.


Grower: Sociedad el Astal

Variety: Caturra, Bourbon, Mundo Novo

Region: Nayarit, Mexico

Altitude: 895 meters

Soil: Volcanic

Process: Natural

Tasting notes include: Peach, Crème brûlée, and Rich Chocolate

Mexico La Yerba

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