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Holiday Blend is here!

In the city the lights string through the tree branches, blinking on one by one, crawling down the avenues of storefronts, sweeping over the sprawl of pavement and footsteps and feet attached to legs attached to bodies draped with down coats and wool coats, fabric between skin and cold. Passersby flit between glowing windows, peering at mannequins in clothes more expensive than their own, at products of progress and industry. Dazzled by intrigue, compelled by the impending calendar deadline, the passersby become shoppers, coats come off of shoulders, are draped over arms. Perfume is in the air. Perfume like

cocoa and pomegranate and starlight. Items pull from hangers and from shelves, fall into bags of shimmering tissue paper, promising magic and transmutation.

And the dark sky has thickened, pocketed the city and its dueling lights into its cast of clouds. And the shoppers are tired, but there’s a thrum of energy in the crowds. It’s the year’s end, or maybe it’s the buskers on the corner and their red fingers grasping their instruments and their change, or the bells that might be real or in your imagination. The lights stringing through the trees will guide you along, just a little further now, not much further now.

Somehow, it’s December, and the holidays are evident on every street corner and in every product newsletter, and, soon, in your cup of coffee. Pollard is excited to announce our December Coffee of the Month Club pick and our Holiday blend, made up of 3 wonderful Central American beans roasted to perfectly balance one another

Tasting notes include Candied Orange, Toasted Almond and Semi-Sweet Chocolate. This coffee works wonderfully in any brew method and will taste great through out your entire day as you are preparing for the holidays and gathering with your loved ones.

As well as our Holiday blend, we would like to remind customers of our popular stocking stuffer bags. These offerings are destined to please friends and family. We’re happy to send them as gifts, though be sure to indicate such in the notes section while using the correct billing address of you and changing the shipping address to the gift recipient. You can also let us know what you would like to say in your holiday card that we include in every gift order.

Speaking of holiday cards, in recent years families have used their Holiday Card photos as custom labels for coffee for us to send to their loved ones. Just send us an email and we can configure the logistics. We do all of the hard work for you and it's a really fun surprise to get in the mail. On the same note, we can add any picture to your custom bags of coffee. There is no minimum and no extra fee, just send us an email!

Happy holidays!

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