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June's Coffee of the Month

Take a walk, note the foliage. The globe is a garden. The garden is a globe. Stars of white

blooms on the dogwood trees, cottonwood fuzz blowing down the highway like snow, like

January in June. Trumpet flowers, or flowers that look like trumpets, pointed high in the air,

playing music for only a select few to hear. Rose beds and spreads of irises and sweet lavender where the honeybees gather. Lupines and lilacs and lilies. Dandelions and daisies and veins of ivy growing up the sides of buildings, of walls, of ruins of bricks. Smell the honeysuckles, touch the wisteria. It’ll only last so long.

In June, before the summer sets in, Pollard offers Coffee of the Month Club pick Guatemala

Fénix. The coffee making up Fénix, a blend of Bourbon, Caturea, and Catuai varieties was not grown and processed overnight. With decades-spanning civil war and devastating natural disasters, the smallholder producers of Guatemala—farming families, cooperatives, and estates—have been long forced to work around hardship. We hope that this blend can serve as a statement of solidarity with producers, and that with continued support these working families can gain market access and knowledge.

In time for warmer days, Fénix is chocolate-forward with a citrusy, medium-full body and notes of caramel, caramelized brown sugar, and dried fruits. Drink it black. Drink it with a spot of milk and over ice. Drink too much, talk too much, get up on the table and dance! Get a headache, go to sleep.

It’s not too late (even though this email is) to subscribe to Pollard’s Coffee of the Month Club

and try Guatemala Fénix. Subscribe for as long as you’d like—one month, three months, six

months, one year, or until canceled. After this month, we’ll open up orders for Fénix to

non-subscribers, though at a higher price.

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