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May's Featured Blend

Through out the years, we have collaborated with you, our customers, to come up with the perfect blend for your palates and taste profiles. These blends have been named and filed for future orders and have even inspired ideas for other customers blends. We have decided to feature one of these blends each month for all of you to try, and maybe it will even motivate some of you to come up with your own blend in the future.

For the month of May, we are featuring a blend created by a long time customer of ours that we simply call, Marilyn's Blend. Marilyn and her husband, Irv have been customers of our since almost day one. We catch up with one another during each order, and not only are we grateful to have them as customers, but we are very grateful to also call them our friends.

Here is the story of how Marilyn's blend was created, written by her husband Irv:

"I discovered Pollard Coffee completely by accident. I was visiting a client who received a shipment of coffee from them and then proceeded to make me one of the best cups of espresso I had ever drunk. As a self-professed “coffee snob,” I looked further and discovered that Pollard Coffee was the creation of a strong, independent woman, Robin Pollard. My ethos likes to support businesses like that, so I ordered some coffee from them. It was an instant hit with both my wife and me. Everything we tried, we loved. However, I wanted something unique. I asked Robin if she could create a blend that had strength, character, and complexity, with a touch of sweetness – just like my wife. Together, we created “Marilyn’s Blend.”

Robin and her team know our tastes, and, just as importantly, know what is fresh and unique. Every time we order, we always add a bag of what we call the “Roaster’s Choice.” It’s been a great way for us to discover new coffees and expand our taste palates.



Marilyn's Blend is a lovely ratio of Costa Rica and Java. We taste notes of stone fruit, citrus and black tea.

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Love this story and concept- since pregnancy my husband and I have been compromising with half caf and half decaf- was just wondering this morning about asking you to recommend a good combination blend of yours and how to order - perfect timing ;)

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Great! I already have a blend in mind, so when you order I'll let you know my thoughts!

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