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October's Coffee of the Month and other updates

It's that time of year again! Our family is off to the desert for a little break and some sunshine. We will be gone from 10/4-10/10. We have prepared our current subscription holders to receive their coffee during this time, but other orders (including new October subscription orders) placed in this week may have a delay on them. We will do our best to communicate while we are away, but please forgive any late arrivals. With that said, we would love to introduce our new coffee of the month! It's a unique one..

Picture a glowing restaurant. See the golden panes of glass. The wilting ivy above the door. Hear the faded croon of the stereo and the flush of conversation reverberating across the open space before the beams of ceiling. Pretend the waiters aren’t tired. Pretend you may stay forever at your round weathered table, legs knocking into those of old friends, shoulders hunched conspiratorially toward one another as you share illicit stories. You barely notice the dribble of rain now, its persistence languishing sometime over the course of the evening. When you leave you’ll have to dodge puddles of pink and orange leaves; others slick, scraped off the sidewalk with your boots. But for now the warmth of the lamps ebb over faces, pooling into the foam at the bottom of your cup. You’re not ready to leave yet, for the warmth in your body to seep out into the cold night, and the waiter will obligingly bring you another coffee. It will only spill a little when it clatters against the saucer.

October will be brisk, but there will also be coffee. This month, Pollard is bringing Yemen

Mokha Matari to our subscribers. This offer is unique in that it will only be available for the

month of October to Coffee of the Month members. As this is private reserve coffee, Pollard

will not offer Matari after the month’s end, so if you’re interested, subscribe soon!

Secured by the Muslot family, coffee producers and exporters since the 50s, the beans come from a lot in the high altitudes of Bani Matari in the Sarat mountain range. There are about 100 farmers on this lot with about 1000 trees for 1/2 hectare of land. Unique from other beans in that they’re harvested from tall, old-growth trees, the Matari farms less resemble their neighbors than that of fruit orchards.

Fatoum Muslot, who took over the business started by her father, has worked to improve overall quality through new procedures such as diligent hand-sorting and the use of Ecotact storage bags. The family’s decades-long connections with farming groups across the country have established them as a fixture of Yemeni coffee production.

In a cup of Matari, you’ll find a complex autumnal flavor of sweet, dried fruit and earthy spices. Matari holds a rich, clean body, reinforced by its aroma of cocoa, blackberry, and soft, smoky tobacco: a sweet match for a day of wind and drizzle.

Again, Yemen Mokha Matari is unlike our past Coffee of the Month Club offerings in that it will not be available past the month of October as a direct variety for non-members. If you’re tempted to try, subscribe before the month is over to receive Yemen, and all of our other exciting selections in future months.

Grower: Fatoum Muslot

Variety: Heirloom Cultivars

Region: Bani Matari, Yemen

Altitude: 2000-2400 masl

Soil: Volcanic

Process: Dry natural

Tasting notes: Dried Apricot, Chai Spices, and Rustic Cocoa

Reminder, please forgive any delays in orders placed between late 10/3-10/10. We are enjoying a family vacation out of state.

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